Mir Enterprises is the one stop solution to all your nano technology needs. With our extensive experience in the fabrication of micro and nano systems and access to the state of the art tool sets, your next technological innovation is not far from realisation. Whatever your requirements are, be it single stage processing or full scale mirco and nano systems, either for world class research or low volume production, we can provide you with cost effective answers that can bring you functional and high yield devices.


Who will find us useful?

- If you require device fabrication but don’t know a great deal about processing, we can provide you with the full package from consultancy, simulations and design-support to the fabrication and testing of your final devices.
- If you have the processing "know how" but can't find the time or the facility to meet your processing needs, sit back and we'll get the job done for you.

Latest News


Mir Enterprises manufactures third in series of high performance MEMS accelerometers

These high performance inertial sensors will serve a variety of industries. for more details click here.



Mir Enterprises will be attending SEMICON Europa 2015. The event is the largest semiconductor event in Europe. For more information click here